QUKAU 80W Flashlight USB Charging High Power Aluminum Alloy Flashlight 12800mAh

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<p>parameter:<br>Irradiation distance: 300-500 meters<br>Bulb type: 4 domestic P50/P90<br>Product specification: length 112mm, head diameter 45mm, tail diameter 45mm<br>Product features: built-in temperature control circuit, automatically switch to low light when over temperature, unlock after 15 minutes<br>Dimming mode: single click: low, medium, high; double click: super bright, flash, SOS, long press for two seconds to shut down<br>Power supply mode: built-in 4 18650 batteries<br>Battery capacity: 10400mAh(2600mAh*4pcs)/12800mAh(3200mAh*4pcs)</p><p>Highlight time: 10400mAh (3 hours)/12800mAh (3.5 hours), highlight gear, not super high-end</p><p>Charge and discharge protection: built-in overcharge and overdischarge IC, prolong battery life<br>Battery indicator: LED light is green when the battery is full, red when the battery is weak<br>Charging indication: LED is red when charging, green when fully charged<br>Zoom function: none</p><p>Spotlight effect: astigmatism<br>Working voltage: 8.4V</p><p>Maximum power: 80W</p><p>Maximum lumens: 8000 lumens</p><p>Input interface: TYPE-C</p><p>Output interface: USB-A female socket<br>Input voltage: 5V/2A<br>Output voltage: 5V/2A<br>Body color: black<br>Luminous color: white light<br>Lamp bead color temperature: 7500K<br>Body material: aluminum alloy<br>Switch type: lamp head push switch<br>Surface treatment: wear-resistant anodized<br>Waterproof grade: IPX5 (anti-rain, anti-splash water)<br>Product net weight: 329g<br>Product gross weight: 384g<br>Product accessories: flashlight TYPE-C charging cable manual color box</p>